IMG employs an excellent weld staff from a diverse back ground of welding experience with the ability to meet your requirements. IMG's fabrication experience and expertise comes through on every job. The T.I.G. (tungsten inert gas) and M.I.G. (metal inert gas) welding processes are available among other processes of which our quality is unparalleled. All processes are documented to control quality and repeatability. With state of the art equipment and journeymen welders and the support of a world class machine shop we can support your requirements.

Welding Equipment List:
  • 8 Weld stations
  • 4 Miller Aerowave T.I.G. Welding Machines
  • 1 Miller Dynasty 700 T.I.G. Welding Machine
  • 2 Miller Syncrowave 350 T.I.G Welding Machines
  • 2 Lincoln Idealarc M.I.G. Welding Machines
  • 1 Lincoln Powerwave
  • 1 Thermowave Plasma Cutter
Leak Testing Equipment
  • 2 Veeco helium Leak Detectors
  • 1 Varian Leak Detector
  • 1 Leybold Heraus 300 CFM Blower Pumping Station