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IMG’s Response to COVID-19

Apr 2, 2020

At IMG we take the health and welfare of our employees seriously. IMG is part of an essential supply chain of the defense industrial base, national security and semiconductor industries. In keeping with our obligations to our employees, customers, and suppliers we have instituted a multitude of measures to adhere to social distancing, restricted access to our facility, heighted level of housekeeping as well as enabling remote working opportunities for certain group of employees and paid time off for employees with special needs. Furthermore, we have made it abundantly clear to all of our employees that under current circumstances, their participation in working at IMG is entirely voluntary and their inability or unwillingness to work at IMG, with all the new caveats, would not constitute a severance of employment from IMG. While we all are in unchartered waters we strive to ensure the safety, health and welfare of our employees as usual with new and heightened levels of awareness and caveats but also fulfilling our obligations as a critical participant in essential supply chains for our nation.

IMG Acquires Applied Fusion

May 29, 2018

LIVERMORE, Calif., May 29, 2018 IMG Companies LLC (IMG), an Addison Capital Partners portfolio company, is pleased to announce the expansion of the company's capabilities and customer base with the acquisition of Applied Fusion Inc. (AFI), located in San Leandro, California. For customers, vendors and other supply chain partners, this is a seamless transaction as personnel and core capabilities remain intact at AFI.

“Drawing on best practices and the partnership created with management teams of both AFI and IMG, this business combination provides a unique opportunity to vertically integrate, deliver sustainable value to current customers and expand the possibilities with both current and new customers,” said AFI CEO Jeff Musgrove.

“AFI is an engineering-driven manufacturer of critical welded machined components with a well-established organizational culture of quality assurance, reliability and continuous process improvement, and expressly fits our corporate development strategy,” said IMG CEO Kam Pasha. “The integration of electron beam and laser welding, together with close tolerance precision machining, provides our customers with a more efficient manufacturing resource in the verticals we service.”

IMG Installs a HERMLE C52 MILL TURN and a new MORI SEIKI NLX 4000

May 3, 2017

IMG installs its third five-axis Hermle Mill Turn. This new Hermle C52 MT is more versatile than the already-installed Hermle C42 MT and C62 MT as it has an extended tool magazine tower that accommodate 20 tools with 200 mm maximum length, 72 tools with 300 mm maximum length, and 16 tools with 500 mm maximum tool length for a total extended tool magazine of 108 tools in addition to the built in 42 tool pockets capacity with maximum tool length of 120 mm. The C52 MT is a full five-axis mill turn with 18,000 rpm and a swiveling range of +100 degrees / - 130 degrees with a working area of 39.4” x 43.3” x 29.5”. We are very excited to have added this versatile machining center to our suite of five-axis capabilities which will play a crucial role in our continued and measured growth.

IMG Completes Recapitalization With Addison Capital

Jun 10, 2016

IMG completed a recapitalization with Addison Capital Partners. This recap strengthens IMG’s balance sheet and aligns management with a group of long-term investors to expand IMG’s capabilities and market reach. With this recap IMG will continue in its location and with its mission but will be poised to grow with far more depth, breadth, and sophistication of resources.

IMG Commits to Purchasing C42 Mill Turn

Jun 10, 2016

IMG commits to purchasing a highly dynamic Hermle C42 Mill Turn machining center designed consistently for 5-axis/5-side machining. Hermle C42 is highly capable of milling difficult to machine materials in record time and with perfect precision. We are excited to grow our aerospace Blisks manufacturing capabilities with this new capital expenditure without interrupting the unprecedented growth in IMG’s other industry sectors.

IMG Purchases Hermle C62 Mill Turn

Apr 29, 2016

IMG commits to purchasing a dynamic, precise, and reliable Hermle C62 Mill Turn providing highly dynamic processing of workpieces up to 5,000 pounds in weight simultaneously in 5 axes. Hermle C62’s revolutionary design enables it to perform all turning operations while its table swivels. We are excited to grow our aerospace Fandisk manufacturing capabilities with this new capital expenditure to complement our existing suite of capabilities in aerospace industry.

Booming Bay Area Specialty Manufacturer Expands to Asia Pacific

Mar 21, 2012

IMG offers same precision with greater global availability

Livermore, Calif., Singapore and Suzhou, China (March 21, 2012) – Integrated Manufacturing Group, LLC (IMG), an engineering and precision machining and fabrication company, today announces it has expanded into the Asia Pacific region through a strategic alliance with Onn Wah Precision Engineering Pte Ltd, (Onn Wah), an Asia Pacific engineering and precision machining and fabrication company. IMG also announces significant local growth in its Bay Area facilities.

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Made in the Bay Area: Livermore Manufacturer Creates Jobs in Asia While Adding Jobs at Home

Dec 8, 2012 | by: Mike Cassidy

IMG offers same precision with greater global availability

There's no better way to work up a good fury than to start in on a conversation about American jobs being shipped overseas. The rant is almost always framed as an either/or. Either my iPad is made in United States or it's made somewhere else. Any job over there means one lost over here. But in a global economy, products are not necessarily made in one country or another.


Building a Better Customer

May 11, 2012 | by: San Francisco Business Times

Integrated Manufacturing Group LLC is making sure it has a future to stand on. The Livermore-based manufacturer is branching out into new industries and expanding worldwide. IMG builds specialized, complex components for everything from semiconductors to F-22 jets to oil drilling equipment...