Process Engineer Reporting to VP of Engineering

Scope: Responsible for developing and maintaining technical capability that gives Integrated Manufacturing Group (IMG) a competitive edge and for new product introduction.

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Support the production process by resolving technical issues and providing technical supervision
  2. Assist in all aspects of the NPI Process
  3. Assist with the technical aspect of sales
  4. Communicate engineering issues with customers
  5. Create engineering masters
  6. Create Op drawings or Fixture drawings when necessary
  7. Set criteria for production
  8. Coordinate/Assist with machining issues

Key Objectives (specific targets set quarterly or yearly):

  1. on time delivery
  2. Cycle time
  3. Machine utilization
  4. Internal Non Conformance Material (NCM) rate
  5. Customer defect rate (QPPM)

Desired skills and experience:

  1. Expertise in reading and understanding mechanical drawings, dimensioning and tolerance
  2. High ability to design machining processes for build-to-print parts.
  3. Ability to work with CAD software and to design fixtures and create drawings needed for machining.
  4. High knowledge of precision machining workmanship standards
  5. > 5 years machine shop experience
  6. ISO 9000 standards
  7. Leadership and people management
  8. Computer skills
  9. Bachelor degree in Materials Science- Metallurgy
  10. Welding
  11. Solidworks is a must

If you are interested in working with IMG, please send a resume to: