Journeyman Machinist/Class 1/Machinst Associate

Position Summary:

A person who has served a Machinist's apprenticeship of 1-10 years or who has equivalent knowledge and experience, is capable of operating machine tools, doing precision bench and floor work, using precision measuring instruments, reading blueprints, making standard shop computations relating to dimensions of work and determination of machine feeds and speeds, laying out work, making set-ups and carrying complete mechanical projects through assembly and testing in the manner of a craftsman.

Operate computer numerical control machines to fabricate parts. Loads parts in machine, cycles machine, detects malfunctions in machine operations such as worn or damaged cutting tools. Run production lots, communicate with co-workers regarding productions runs, and maintains safe, organized and clean work environment.


  1. Perform typical machine shop operations.
  2. Operate CNC machines once set-up has been complete. Run multiple machines where cycle times allow.
  3. Detect and report defective materials or questionable conditions to management or designee.
  4. Maintain work area and equipment in a clean orderly condition and follows prescribed safety procedures.
  5. Must be able to perform, but not limited to, the following tasks: milling, turning, drilling, tapping, de-burring, sawing and sanding.
  6. Perform inspection of machined products (including documentation of results).
  7. Inspect and measure parts after machining operation is complete to verify the operation was performed according to instruction on the traveler and drawing.
  8. Complete and maintain paperwork for parts. Sign off traveler to confirm operation was performed successfully.
  9. Able to operate 100+ mm Horizontal Machines centers

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